Returning to the question posed by my Science article, Chomsky was right that chimpanzees can't create a sentence. Dictionary ! Read the passage: Suddenly a chimp charged straight toward me. Chimpanzee Sentence Examples. Now you know that a baby chimpanzee is called a infant. Chimpanzees are nearing extinction in many countries, due to deforestation and commercial hunting for bushmeat. Jared Taglialatela: But he was right for the wrong reason. Examples of chimpanzee in a Sentence. The common chimpanzee lives in West and Central Africa.The bonobo lives in the rain forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.The two species are on opposite sides of the Congo River.. Life and description. The finding suggests that the … Chimpanzees regularly string many different calls together into sequences, which are often three calls long and sometimes even longer. Do you want to use it in a sentence? Like humans, chimpanzees use a variety of verbal and non-verbal methods to communicate and are able to express a wide range of messages and emotions. chimpanzee translate: 黑猩猩. Information and translations of chimpanzee in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Taxonomy. Chimpanzees mainly eat fruit, leaves, flowers, seeds, … MEANINGS. At the last minute he swerved and ran off. His hair bristled with rage. Genus Pan: Chimpanzees . 'Monkey Selfie' Lawsuit Ends With Settlement Between PETA, Photographer : The Two-Way Wildlife photographer David Slater has agreed to donate 25 … See more. Example sentences from the Web for chimp. What does chimpanzee mean? A remarkable example of multilingual primates is seen in Clever Monkeys, with eight different monkey species living together and listening to each other. Here are 10 fun facts about chimpanzee communication. Common chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes; Bonobo or Pygmy chimpanzee, Pan paniscus; Habitat. Go here to learn about the next baby on our list. Characteristic are the giraffe, the chimpanzee and the ostrich. Login . DICTIONARY.COM; THESAURUS.COM; MEANINGS. Learn about the chimpanzee, as well as the threats this species faces, what WWF is doing to protect its future, and how you can help. With eight times as … Chimp definition, chimpanzee. It's not that chimpanzees can't learn grammar. Q. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary. If so, next time you see a baby chimpanzee, you could say, "Aww, look at that cute little infant." What is a baby chinchilla called? Menu. I stayed still.